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  1. The tournament shall be governed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the F.A. Matches shall be played in accordance within the laws of the game as determined by the International F.A board
  2.  ACES is an 11 aside tournament for Boys age U13, U14, U15, U16 & U18 and Girls U15, U16 & U18.
    9 aside tournament for Boys U11, U12 and Girls U13, & U14
    7 aside tournament for Boys age U9 & U10 and Girls U12.
  3. All players must be under the age of their relevant age group on the 31stAugust 2024 (eg under 11’s age group must be under the age of 11 by 31st August 2024).
  4. The maximum squad size for:
    11 aside teams is 18 players
    9v9 teams is 15 players
    7 aside teams is 12 players.
  5. Substitutions – There will be a maximum of three window opportunities for substitutions allowed per game. There will be no limit to the number of players substituted per window. Substitutes will be used on a roll-on roll of basis, once the ball is out of play.
  6. In 7 aside competitions the retreat line rule shall be adhered to as per FA guidelines
  7. There will be an official referee for every game. All participating clubs must provide one assistant referee (excluding 7aside) for their own matches
  8. The duration of games will be discussed at the pre-tournament management meeting, guided by the FA tournament age group guidelines and announced at the opening ceremony.
  9. There will be a draw held at the opening ceremony to determine the leagues. First named team will be classed as the home team. Home teams will have preference to wear their home kits and will provide match balls.

Footballs – the following sizes are required:

Under-9s & Under 10s– Size 3 ball

Under-11s to under-14s – Size 4 ball

Under-15s and older – Size 5 ball


  1. All players must wear shin pads at all times and all jewellery must either be removed or adequately covered
  2. All club managers to have photo I.D for their players at hand. Every team will be checked for I.D by tournament staff. Failure to adhere to this rule shall result in the player no longer being allowed to take any further part in the tournament. Please note if any player has already played before an I.D check and is not eligible to play, the whole team will be liable to disqualification from the tournament.
  3. A player’s shirt number must match the shirt number and player name as submitted on the team sheet presented to the control desk at the start of the tournament.
  4. BOYS –  No player signed to a professional club (Premier lge, Championship, Div1 & Div2) will be eligible to participate in the event. Any player signed to a club at National League level or below will be eligible to play.  Players in the U9,U10 & U11 age groups who are dual signed will be eligible to play (proof of dual signing required).  Any player who has played for a professional club during the season leading up to the event must provide a release form from the respective club. No other form of paperwork will be accepted. Any team breaking this rule, shall be disqualified from the tournament
  5. GIRLS– Players signed to ETC’s (Emerging Talent Centres) are eligible to play for their grassroots team and are therefore eligible to play at the tournament. Players signed to PGA’s (Professional Game Academy Cat 1 and Cat 2) during the season leading up to the event are not eligible to play at the tournament. This rule applies to GU15, GU16 & GU18 age groups only. Any team breaking this rule, shall be disqualified from the tournament
  6. If a player is red carded in a match they will automatically miss the next match (this includes the final matches). Violent conduct could lead to a player being banned from the rest of the competition, pending the referees and event organizers decision. (Rule 8 below applies). Any misconduct will be reported to the club/players affiliated FA


  1. Points awarded for group stage matches are:  3 points for a win 2 points for a score draw and 1 point for a draw
  2. In the event of any teams being tied at the group stages, the final order of qualification shall be decided by: a.the result between the 2 clubs (if more than 2 teams share the same points then a mini league of results between the clubs in question will be decisive) b. most wins within the group stage c. penalty shootout.
  3. If any team decides not to take any further part in the group stages or is disqualified, all previous results involving that team will become void.
  4. In the knockout stages of the competition the referee shall decide with the team captains, the choice of kits and kick off by the spin of a coin.
  5. In the event of a draw at the end of full time in the knockout stages, the tie shall go straight to penalties. All age groups will consist of 3 penalties before sudden death is applied.
  6. The ACES Nationals winners and runners up squads will be presented with trophies and medals. Nationals Champions will additionally receive champions shirt badges, qualification to next year’s event, a champions pennant, a photograph in the following years’ programme and entry to the Hall of Fame printed annually.
  7. The referee’s decision is final and will not be over ruled under any circumstances.
  8. All the above rules and regulations can be subject to change on the event day. The Event Manager will have full and final decision on such changes.
  9. The Event Manager will deal with any matters arising.