Entry Criteria

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Entry to the ACES National finals is widely regarded as the ultimate prize in junior football.

The most frequent question we get asked is how do we enter the prestigious competition?

Here is a guideline for a better understanding of how to enter the event, without having to wait for a call from the ACES Team.


  1. Can we call/email the ACES team and request an entry form?

The simple answer is yes. For example, looking good to win the league? Seasons not finished yet? Get in touch and we will put you on the ACES holding list.

  1. We are looking likely to finish 2nd in our league, do we have a chance of entering?

Yes, if your champions cannot enter for any reason, then you will have the opportunity to represent your city/town.

  1. My team is not affiliated to any league, can we enter?

Unfortunately, not. Only league affiliated teams are eligible to enter. For example no representative squads are allowed. Teams are considered based on their performance for the season leading up to the tournament.

  1. Can two teams from the same city be entered in the same age group?

This can happen if:

i) They play in different leagues within a county boundary

ii) League champions, county cup winners are from the same town/city. (Other local cup competitions will be considered).

iii) For any league that covers more than 5 affiliated FA regions, a team must finish in the top 5 to reach the entry criteria. If two teams from the same city are in the top five only the highest ranked team will reach the required entry criteria.


  • Defending National Champions
  • Winning the League (highest ranked division within any respective league e.g.  Premier, Div1, Div A
  • Any league that covers more than 5 affiliated FA Regions, Aces will allow more qualification places subject to individual circumstances.
  • County Cup
  • Local Cup Competitions

Please note: If spaces are still available when the above criteria has been reached then wild card entries may be given to teams who have not won any of the above. This is to evenly balance groups.


If your league is not completed, but you are looking to be likely winners please contact the ACES team to discuss a place.

Subsequently if you are interested in reserving a place but look like you will not reach the criteria for entry (all may not be lost!!!) Please contact the ACES team to register your interest to be placed on a reserve list. This can happen if we have for example last minute withdrawals etc.

If a team is playing in an older age group and wish to be considered for their actual age group, they must have finished in a top four position within the league they have competed in. Note this league must the highest ranked division within any respective league.

All Cities/Towns will be allowed a representative in the ACES i.e. If a team finished 5th in a multi-regional league but are deemed to be the strongest within their City/Town boundary, they will have the opportunity to request a place in the ACES if a place is available.

International teams are welcome to apply to play at the ACES. Acceptance to the competition will be solely at the discretion of ACES management.

On reaching the required entry criteria level the final decision on a team’s entry will be solely at the discretion of ACES management.

Has your team got what it takes