The importance of youth sport

Although a competitive tournament, Pitchero ACES Nationals is a great opportunity to demonstrate hundreds of young boys and girls participating in sport and getting active. 


There have been increasing efforts over the years to get more young people active, whether it be integrated into the school curriculum, campaigned by organisations, or covered widely in the media – it’s an ongoing project.

The Youth Sport Trust is just one example of a charity maximising the power of sport to grow young people. They’ve partnered with primary and secondary schools over the years to encourage participation and champion sport.

Their most recent partnership is with The FA to get kids excited for the women’s Euros this summer. 

One of the most obvious points to mention about sport are the health benefits of getting involved from a young age. It’s not only great for fitness and well-being while your young, but it also gives your health a significant advantage in the future. 

Developing social skills is another huge part of playing sport and getting active as a child, and one that again needs to be developed into adult life if the benefits are to be reaped in the future.

One of the best ways to develop a child’s social skills is particularly through team-based activities, one being football for example.

Communicating new ideas, listening to others as part of a group, and using communication to solve problems by working as a team are just a few of the things children learn from getting involved. 

All the teams that have previously competed at Pitchero ACES Nationals will agree that the team spirit and friendships between players makes the event even more special. 

Co-founder of Pitchero ACES Nationals, David Cooper, believes the tournament is a great chance to bring young teams together. 

“Grassroots football gives an opportunity for teams of every age and every level to participate,” he said.  

He continued, “At the Pitchero ACES Nationals that opportunity is given to the best teams in youth football, both boys and girls to come and compete on level terms.”

Pitchero ACES Nationals 2017 is set to be another special tournament and a fantastic platform to demonstrate youth sport. 

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