Scouts at ACES

With the talent at ACES being on another level, football scouts from all over the country came along to take a look at the potential future stars.


On Saturday 1st July, the U15 boys played for the title. Throughout the day, scouts from Everton and Leicester City stopped by to watch the boys in action. Bill Wall, the Head of Academy Recruitment for Leicester City has been coming to the tournament since it began nine years ago.

He’s a big fan of Pitchero ACES Nationals and says the event isn’t just about finding talent on the pitch. “It’s not just about scouting players. It’s about getting links, getting contacts and communicating with the teams and coaches,” he said.

Of course, like any other scout, Bill was keen to see the level of talent from the teams. “It’s good to see the boys’ perseverance and ability throughout the tournament. Everyone gets tired so it’s interesting to see a player’s impact in the game once that tiredness sets in,” he explained.

Bill is also a fan of the opening ceremony, describing it as “tribal” and “motivational” for the players.


We also had scouts visiting from Manchester United over the course of the weekend, further proving the level of talent at these events. We look forward to seeing you again next year!