Lost Child Procedure


If a child goes missing during the event, the following procedure will apply:

  • Ensure that all other children continue to be supervised appropriately while a search for the

child concerned is carried out.

  • Organize the remaining available responsible adults to conduct a search of the surrounding

area allocating each individual to a specific area. Request all those searching report back

within a short time, dependent on the size of the area being searched.

  • If the child cannot be found after a good search of the immediate surroundings, contact the

child’s parents to advise them of the concern and reassure them that everything is being

done to locate the child.

  • Make a note of the circumstances in which the child has gone missing and where he/she

was last seen and prepare a detailed physical description of the child, to include their hair

and eye colour, approximate height and build and clothing he/she was wearing, as this will

be required by the police.

  • Report the concern to the police if the search is unsuccessful and no later than 20 minutes

after the initial missing person report if the search is ongoing.

  • Follow police guidance if further action is recommended and maintain close contact with the


  • Report the incident to the designated safeguarding officer.
  • Ensure that you inform all adults involved including the parents, searchers and police if at

any stage the child is located.