How to prepare for a tournament

Pitchero ACES Nationals is only a few days away and we’ve got plenty tips to preparing you for the big day.


Any big tournament can be daunting the closer it gets to the day, but there are plenty of ways to mentally prepare you and your team.

Motivation is one of the key things you’ll need as a team to get you ready for any match. As a coach, you should be encouraging and inspiring players to give it their all out on the pitch.

It’s important to pick up on things like how your players react to a loss, what works and what doesn’t in training and the general dynamic of your team.

With these things considered, you can focus your motivation on certain aspects which will strengthen your team significantly once pressures of the tournament begin to set in.

A positive attitude is also one of the main factors when preparing for a tournament. As a coach, you’re ultimately responsible for setting the tone of how your team performs.

A good attitude is infectious. You know your team better than anyone and you know what works and what doesn’t. Psychologically, a positive attitude is always going to triumph. Not just in a tournament, but in training sessions as well.

You can embed this motivation, attitude and positivity in subtle ways that will have a lasting effect. For example having a team motto that you say before every match, (or even get the players to come up with a team motto themselves).

Verbal praise, a reward football (this could be an old sentimental ball or a special ball that is given out each training session and plenty of high fives are also great tools to use to motivate your team. 

Good luck to the first set of teams playing this weekend, it’s predicted to be another fantastic year.

If you’re still unsure on some of the teams entering the tournament, head over to the team bios for girls and boys.

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