All your questions answered

Pitchero ACES Nationals – all the FAQs covered and what you can expect on the day.




  • 08.30am is the latest check-in, so managers and captains please arrive promptly.


  • The opening ceremony will be at 9.30am.


  • Group stages will be completed between 2.00pm and 3.00pm. 7 a side age groups will complete earlier.


  • The knockout stages will then commence. 


  • The Finals are scheduled for approx. between 5.00 & 6.00pm so please make sure your team’s ready. 7 aside age group finals will complete mid afternoon. 


  • There will be food and drink available from 8.00am for the whole day.




  • If you are still to pay or have paid and still to return your entry forms please do so ASAP.


  • Confirmation of your place in the age group will be emailed once we receive your forms and fee.


  • Entry to the tournament is £3.50 including the programme. Managers, players and children U16 are free. THE VENUE IS CASH ONLY NO CARD PAYMENTS ACCEPTED


  • If you’re still looking for hotels and accommodation, let us know and we can email you our accommodation info sheet.




  • There will be coach parking at the venue, but please let us know if you’re coming by coach.


  • There’s plenty of free Car Parking on site.


  • The venue has a no dogs policy.




  • Please don’t email to see which teams have entered your age group. You’ll be playing teams you would never normally play.


  • Groups are drawn at the opening ceremony, then your group and pitch will be revealed.


  • Blank team sheets will be emailed to you the week before your age group. Fill them in and bring them with you.


  • Tents and gazebos are encouraged (it’s a long day for some teams!).


  • Feel free to bring club banners and flags, we want to see you championing your team.


Most importantly, enjoy the day. Let’s celebrate some fantastic junior football.