About the ACES Nationals

The 2019 tournament saw over 360 teams attend over four weekends, in June and July. Extended to 15 age groups, over 15,000 players, managers and spectators attended making it the biggest Nationals ever. The 2020 tournament is planned to yet again be even bigger and better!!

The 2020 Nationals will welcome upwards of 400 teams from across Great Britain and abroad, all looking to leave Nottingham as National Champions.

The first ACES tournament kicked off in Leicester in 2009, hosting 20 league champions from 20 different towns and cities all competing for the National title. Now twelve years on it has grown to be the event in junior grassroots football.

The vision of the event has always been about attracting the best of the best in junior grassroots football. Because of this, teams have to be invited to the tournament specifically by the Pitchero ACES Nationals team.


Fully sanctioned by the Football Association (2020 tournament pending), the event is an exciting date in the junior football calendar for both boys and girls teams of 14 different age groups.


The youth tournament is ultimately a celebration of junior football. It’s a fantastic opportunity for teams to showcase a range of young talent in an exciting battle for the Pitchero ACES Nationals title.

It’s also a great networking tool for managers and coaches to present their teams on a national scale in a friendly and safe environment.


Age Groups and Dates


8th August  Boys U9 7v7                    

8th August Boys U12  9v9

8th August Girls GU16  11 aside                

8th August Girls GU17  11 aside 

9th August Boys U10  7v7               

9th August Boys U11  9v9

9th August Boys U15  11 aside            

15th August Girls GU12  7v7

15th August Girls GU13  9v9

15th August Girls GU15  11 aside

16th August Girls GU14 9v9

16th August Boys U14  11 aside

16th August Boys U17  11aside

22nd August Boys U13  11 aside

22nd August Boys U16 11 aside


All age groups relate to season 2020/21

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