2016 winners

Aylestone Park Youth took the U11 Boys’ title at last year’s tournament. The manager, Ray Keeber, tells us what winning the title meant to the team.


Tell us about how you entered the tournament?

After a successful season we received an invitation to your tournament which was a bit surreal, but we gladly accepted. 

Why is the event such a big date in the calendar?

It’s the start of our new season and to play teams from all over the country is something the boys will never forget.

What’s the atmosphere like on the day?

Very intense. When all the boys at 11 years old tell you they are nervous, that’s exactly how it is. But great fun too.

What did winning the title mean to you as a team?

It showed the boys what they were really capable of doing. No more heads down, just heads up.

What’s next for you as a team?

Midlands Premier football this season. It’ll be a new challenge met with smiling faces and open arms.